Official white paper by Government of punjab


Today, the ruling party of Punjab presented the official white paper in the Assembly. It stated


1. The new Government assumed office on 160 March 2017. On 29° Marcl RBI shutdown the State treasury owing to the breach in the limits set by on 315′ March 2017 bills amounting to 77791 crore were pending and ut lapsed as the treasury was left with no money.

2. To meet the expenditure in implementing the Atta Dal Scheme, fund arranged by the State Procuring Agencies (SPAs) at the, own level by funds from CCL provided for procurement of wheat and paddy. The liabilities of T 1747 crore are still outstanding as on 31. March 2017.”

Apart from this, various other points were mentioned in the white paper presented by Congress.

Following are some snapshots of the white paper.

—PTC News