SAD says conflicting press notes make it clear T Haq committee has not submitted any report to the State govt

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Chandigarh: The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today said the dangerous game of double speak and deceit being played out by the Congress government has been exposed with conflicting press notes released by its PR department making it clear that the T Haq expert committee on farm loan waiver had not submitted any report to the State government.

In a statement here, former minister and party spokesman Dr Daljeet Singh Cheema said the government had today again tried to mislead Punjabis by stating that the T Haq Committee had submitted its report to the government yesterday. He said however the government was forced to withdraw this false statement when it became clear that news reports were reporting the exact opposite. “Subsequently the State government came out with another press release saying the Haq Committee would submit its report shortly”.

Stating that it was good that the government had started speaking the truth even if it was under pressure from the SAD which took up the issue of complete farm loan waiver vociferously in the State assembly today, Dr Cheema said the government was however not speaking the entire truth even now. “The Congress government continues to practice skullduggery on a most sensitive issue which involves the life of lakhs of farmers as well as the State economy. The truth is that the Haq Committee has officially made it clear to the government that it needs at least two more months to submit its report on steps to be taken to waive off loans of farmers”.

Dr Cheema said with these new revelations coming into public space, it was incumbent on the government to explain why it was trying to mislead the people and also tell plainly whether it was going to implement a complete loan waiver for farmers and labourers by setting aside the requisite money for the same in the ongoing assembly session or not? “Please don’t indulge in duplicitous statements. Please give a plain reply or else farmers will understand that you befooled them to get their votes and have no intention of implementing a complete loan waiver even three months after coming into office”, Dr Cheema added.

The SAD leader also asked Capt Amarinder Singh and his PR managers not to beat around the bush. “You are saying you will announce a loan waiver based on T Haq committee recommendations shortly but you are simultaneous giving assurances in the Vidhan Sabha that it will happen during the budget session itself. Which statement is true? Please explain because you cannot make an announcement on debt waiver if the Committee has been given two months time to submit its recommendations. Punjab and Punjabis are hoping against hope that you will fulfill the commitment made on the floor of the house during this session. Better do so or be ready to admit you committed fraud with the Punjab peasantry”, the Akali leader added.

—PTC News