100 coins seized from Samjhauta Express, found to be antique


The customs departmenthave recovered 100 coins seized from Samjhauta Express, that have been found to be antique, as per official statement.

The Customs department at Land Customs Station, Attari Rail during baggage clearance on 15.02.2018 detected 100 old coins from one person who entered into Indiavia Samjhauta Expressat Land Customs Station, Attari rail. Similar detection of coins was affected in the past from a person of the same station who entered India via smjhauta Express. The passengers did not make declaration of possession of old coins. The coins were appearing to be antiques and were detained for further examination. The said coins are to be produced before committee of Archeological Survey of India to examine such objects. The coins pertain to be different eras.

As the passenger failed to produce bonafied certificate the coins are detained by the customs staff for further investigation under custom Act, 1962 being antique having been brought into India with intent to get it cleared without declaration.

-PTC News