17 years of blood and sweat, if he still has to prove then its a matter of disgrace

Yuvraj Singh was dropped from the Indian squad in what could possibly signal an end to his illustrious international career.

Yuvraj Singh hasn’t been a part of Indian Cricket team in ODIs and T20. The last match he played was against West Indies on 30th June 2017.

Here is what Yuvraj’s father Jograj Singh had to say during a press conference on his son not being a part of the last few matches

‘Yuvraj Singh has shed blood, sweat for 17 years for the team, my head bows down in the feet of my son’. A son who says, “dad I want to win the world cup for India. Pick my body from the field if I die achieving my goal.” I salute that son.

“And I believe he doesn’t need to prove his fitness level to anyone. Before Yuvraj Singh entered the field of Cricket, the state was such that nobody could catch a ball. He has changed the face of Indian Cricket in the last 17 years.  This is the only reason that youngsters in India are taking fitness to an international level.”

“I am blessed to have a son like him. My head bows down to the almighty thanking him. If he still has to prove that he is fit, then it’s a matter of great dejection.”

“Sab teri vadiyaai koi naw na jane mera.” He added.

On asking if it is a conspiracy against him by the board, his father refused to comment and said such allegations are baseless. “You don’t raise fingers on a father who feeds food to the child. “

“The board gave 5 crore rupees for his treatment during cancer. I salute the board. Today is his fitness test, he will pass. For me even if he retires today, it doesn’t matter. It’s a dream he has fulfilled and I am more than happy”, he added.

-PTC News