4 dead, 7 injured in Lashkargah blast, Afghanistan

4 dead, 7 injured in Lashkargah blast, Afghanistan

Afghanistan: 4 dead, 7 injured in Lashkargah blast

Four people died and seven were injured in a bomb blast in Lashkargah on Wednesday. Jabar Qahraman, an election candidate was also one of the four people who lost their lives in the blast. A bomb was planted under his office chair.

Lashkargah blast, Afghanistan

MP Jabar Qahraman, was contesting from southern Helmand province. He was prepared for elections to be held on Saturday.

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President Abdul Ghani condemned the attack and said, “Such brutal acts of the terrorists and their supporters cannot weaken people’s trust in the peaceful and democratic process.”

The Afghan Taliban has claimed the responsibility for the blast. The Taliban has ordered Afghans to boycott the parliamentary elections. They wanted to overthrow the Western-backed government and want to establish their own Islamist regime.

The injured were rushed to the hospitals nearby. Police is investigating the matter.