5 Amazing Features That Will Make Your WhatsApp Interesting Than Ever Before

5 Amazing Features That Will Make Your WhatsApp Interesting Than Ever Before

One of the most popular messengers, WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion active users around the globe. In order to improve their services and make it more convenient for the users, WhatsApp has come up with some new interesting features. Some of the new embedded features are:

• Dark Mode

Just like YouTube, WhatsApp is expected to be given the option of switching to dark mode to its users soon. In this mode, dark colors are used instead of white to reduce glare that consequently results in a reduction of eye fatigue. Dark mode reduces omission of blue light. Thus, making it safer to use at night.

• WhatsApp pay

Whatsapp is likely to offer a feature of online payment through WhatsApp pay, just like Google Pay & others. These payments will be UPI based. Testing of WhatsApp payments started last year in India but it is still running on beta, but the official release is yet awaited.

• Hiding online status

Hiding status on Whatsapp is indeed bliss from the privacy point of view. Till now users could only hide their last seen, read recipients, stories, profile pictures but now they can also hide their status. Hence giving users complete control over their activity on WhatsApp in terms of privacy.

• Deleting message

A single wrong message can give birth to blunders. But worry, not WhatsApp got it covered for you. Now you can delete WhatsApp message even after sending them. So now you can escape such a situation easily only with few clicks. This feature has been introduced recently but has a drawback that you may take a sigh of relief that the message has been deleted, but this will give the receiver a notification message, ‘The Message has been Deleted”. So, prepare a reason before deleting anything!

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• Cross-platform backup

Another life-saving feature of WhatsApp is that it allows you to retrieve messages when you access your account from different devices. So basically you do not need to stress yourselves if your device gets lost or damaged you can retrieve your old chats from any device at any time.

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