6 Benefits of Coffee That Complete A Beauty Routine

6 Benefits of Coffee That Complete A Beauty Routine
6 Benefits of Coffee That Complete A Beauty Routine

6 Benefits of Coffee That Complete A Beauty Routine

As an exfoliating scrub

Coffee can be used as a wonderful exfoliating scrub as it helps to pull out the toxins and debris from the face. Using coffee as an exfoliating scrub is extremely helpful for people who have dry and flaky skin.

Mix coffee powder with some milk cream and massage it on your face.

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Anti-aging ingredient

Due to a large amount of antioxidants, coffee can be used as an anti-aging ingredient. Using coffee as an ingredient can eradicate fine lines and wrinkles from the face. All you need to do is take some coffee powder and add some coconut oil or olive oil to it. Mix all the ingredients together and massage your face with this for best results.

Treat puffy eyes

Coffee can energise your skin as well as eyes. Collect some coffee beans while making your morning coffee and allow them to dry for some time. Now apply this directly under the eye area and leave it on for some time. After keeping it on for around 20 minutes, wash off with ice cold water.

Foot scrub

Using coffee as a foot scrub is an ancient therapy that helps to get rid of the dead cells and skin better than a pedicure. Mix some coconut oil and coffee powder and scrub your feet with this mixture. You can also add some lemon to the mixture.

You can also mix some coffee with a mashed banana for softer feet.

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Lip Scrub

Coffee not only moisturises your lips but also helps to get rid of the dry and flaky skin. Take some coffee and mix it with olive oil. Now scrub your lips with it and wash off with cold water. Your lips will become moisturised, soft and smooth.

To maintain the dark color of hair

Coffee keeps the hair in a brown hue and makes it looks natural and pretty. People who have dyed their hair with brown color can take help from coffee to maintain their dye for a longer period of time. Brew some coffee and allow the liquid to cool down. Now, apply this on your hair and wear a shower cap. Wait for 30 minutes and wash off.

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