Almost 60 penguins killed in suspected dog attack in Tasmania

60 penguins
Almost 60 penguins killed in suspected dog attack in Tasmania

Almost 60 penguins killed in a suspected dog attack in Tasmania

Around 60 penguins were found dead in Tasmania, Australia’s island state. The carcasses of the penguins were found on the beach in Tasmania.

The bodies of these penguins were strewn across the beach. Passers-by informed the official authorities. Following the incident, the wildlife officials launched an investigation. A case of dog attack was suspected during the investigation.

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Authorities told the sources that they have witnessed this kind of incidents earlier also. They have also warned the dog owners. They must take full responsibility for their pets as dogs have the capacity to do a lot of damage to penguin colonies.

All the investigation reports would be taken very seriously by the authorities. They encouraged everyone to come forward with information.

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BirdLife Tasmania convenor, Eric Woehler, told that such kind of attacks would have a catastrophic impact on the penguin’s colonies. It takes years to replace the breeding birds.