790 page charge sheet against Honeypreet Insan, Here’s what it says.

On Tuesday, the SIT has opened all the hidden secrets of Honeypreet Insan, the closest to Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

The secrets that were hidden and questions that were unanswered for all this while, have now come infront in the form of a 790 pages charge sheet. The charge sheet holds details about how Honeypreet Insan got close to Ram Rahim after becoming a part of Dera Sacha Sauda or how she along with others incited the riots in Panchkula violence.

Here’s what the confession was all about –

Honeypreet in her confession affirmed how all the activites going on in the dera would take place after her approval as she was always close to Ram Rahim.

The person who worked for the dera was made a member of 45-member or 25-member district or state committee, in which Dera Sacha Seema used to earn a good amount in the states’ joint names discussion houses. .

She said that the rape case against Ram Rahim was going on in CBI, for which the decision was to be taken on August 25 in the CBI Court, Panchkula. A large-scale meeting was organized in the Dera Sacha Sauda prior to the verdict, on August 17.

Dilawar Singh, Pawan Insa and many other were a part of the meeting.

To pressurize the government so that the decision of the Special CBI court is in favor of  Gurmeet Ram Rahim. To bring all dera folowers to Panchkula And lastly, to incite violence if the verdict is not in favour of Ram rahim.

Honeypreet has admitted that the attempt to flee Ram Rahim from the special CBI court were made, and  Rakesh PA, Driver Fool Singh, Private PCO Perti Singh and Punjab Police PSO Karamjeet were put on duty to do the same.

Honeypreet’s video recorded was acting; she had made it at Sukhdeep’s house.

Honeypreet Chamba, Kota Rajasthan, UP, Sri Muktsar Sahib were hidden on different locations.