8-12 yr old kids subject to online threats like cyber bullying, video game addiction

By Nimrat Kaur - February 08, 2018 6:02 pm

As per a survey done across 29 countries, Majority of the kids in the age bracket of 8-12 are subjected to online threats like cyber- bullying and video game addiction.

The survey was also done in India.

More than 50 per cent of the age bracket was susceptible to cyber-bullying, video game addiction, offline meetings, disinformation and online sexual grooming, said the joint report by DQ Institute and the World Economic Forum.

"internet adoption has been more rapid and less subject to appropriate safeguards by parents, industry or government", hence the problem is deep rooted in emerging economies.

The study of 38,000 children noted that 47 per cent have been victimised through cyber-bullying in the last one year.

"Today's youth make up an important part of our informed society, they will be tomorrow's voters and our future leaders. Ensuring they are better equipped to face the challenges of hyper-connected life, earlier on, should be a societal priority," said Cheryl Martin, MD Head of Industries and Member of the Managing Board at the WEF.

Moreover, the children spend an average of 32 hours per week in front of digital screens for entertainment alone – longer than the time they spend in school, the study said.

"We must act quickly and take positive steps to help these children...Especially in emerging countries. We need to work together to help our children outsmart cyber-risks and become successful and responsible digital citizens who maximise their potential and minimise cyber-risks," said Yuhyun Park, founder and CEO of DQ Institute, Singapore.