Aadhaar Card can make you win up to Rs 30,000, offer valid till July 8

Aadhaar Card , My Aadhaar contest

If are an Aadhaar card holder then you can win up to Rs 30,000 from home. UIDAI, the Aadhaar card issuing firm has launched a contest, whose last date is July 8, 2019. Hence, you are having the last chance to win Rs 30,000 from home using your Aadhaar card. Reportedly, the UIDAI company has just started My Aadhaar contest through which you can win Rs 30,000 without any effort. According to the contest, you have to make an animated tutorial video of any of the services that you get from the Aadhaar card.

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As per the My Aadhaar contest, you can make the video in Hindi or English language simultaneously. Later, you have to upload your video to YouTube, Google drive or any other video sharing platform and simply forward the link on the UIDAI email media.division@uidai.net.in. According to the My Aadhaar contest, 48 winners will be selected by UIDAI, out of which the winners will be chosen. There is a total of 15 categories for the cash prize and the top 3 videos of each category will get the award.

Initially, My Aadhaar contest winner will be given Rs 20,000, the second prize holder will get Rs 10,000 and the third winner will be awarded Rs 5,000. Among all the categories, the best video will get Rs 30,000 rupees as an award, the second best of all will get Rs 20,000 and the third one will get Rs 10,000 rupees. Also, there is a condition to be followed to participate in the My Aadhaar contest, that your Aadhaar card should be linked to your bank account and if not, then the last date to link your Aadhaar with a bank account is August 31.

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