Amarinder Singh –A CM with total Disconnect with Party, People

total disconnect
Amarinder Singh –A CM with total disconnect with party, people

Amarinder Singh –A CM with total disconnect with party, people.

Chandigarh, Feb 8:  Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh had appealed in June 2017 to rich and affluent farmers to give up power subsidy on their tube well connections. But since then there had been no takers for his appeal in the entire state.

Former Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) president Jagir Kaur said that the simple fact speaks volumes of the popularity and credibility of the chief minister whose emotional appeal had no effect on the people of the state.

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total disconnect
Amarinder Singh –A CM with total disconnect with party, people

Perhaps, Amarinder Singh himself too had appealed for heck of it and lacked seriousness of the purpose and the people too took it in the same spirit.

Jagir Kaur pointed out that none of the Congressmen in the entire state show solidarity with their leader and gave up subsidy which is a clear reflection on how seriously he is taken by the party’s rank and file. Even just to keep their leader’s appeals sanctity, top congress leaders or his protégés rich farmers who are in plenty could have surrendered their paltry subsidy which for them was just peanuts but none obliged Amarinder Singh

Amarinder’s appeal was certainly for right cause and in interest of the state where number of farmers committed suicide and money generated from the surrendered subsidy could have been utilized for the betterment of these families. But when the Congressmen cared two hoots for their leaders appeal, none should expect much from other apolitical rich farmers.

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Evidently, Jagir Kaur points out, Amarinder Singh has zero appeal and total disconnect with the part and people. Since Amarinder’s command goes un-noticed, Captain has ceased to command.

Look at the contrast. Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeal to people to give up their LPG subsidy and more the 85 lakh consumers surrendered their subsidy without any serious campaign. Modi had promised that the proceeds of surrendered subsidy would be utilized to provide LPG connections to poor women and the result was surprising.

Jagir Kaur recalled another Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, a Congress leader who appealed to people to skip their Monday dinner to meet the challenge of then food crisis. And response was tremendous as millions of people for months together did not take anything on Monday evening. Many children too decided not to take food on Monday evening and even their parents failed to change their decision.