Amritsar’s First Ever Pride Parade– One more reason for the city to be proud of

Amritsar’s First Ever Pride Parade– One more reason for the city to be proud of

Amritsar: After Chandigarh, the holy city becomes the second city to carry out pride parade. A group of 75 young members actively supporting LGBTQ+ took the streets, here on Sunday afternoon. With painted faced and waving rainbow flags left the town stunned. When the young group gathered around the rose garden to begin their parade local residents mistook them as a marketing team and majority of them were totally unaware of the rainbow flags held in the hands of parade members.

#LGBTQ parade ; Punjab’s first Pride Parade celebrating #Lesbian, #Gay, #Bisexual, #Transgender and Queer’s (LGBTQ) rights was taken out on Sunday in #Amritsar .

Ravinder Singh Robin यांनी वर पोस्ट केले रविवार, २३ जून, २०१९

Pride march made a lot of people upset as found it to be too vocal. A local resident who happened to be there in the park beforehand aggressively said, “How dare they say I am lesbian or gay. They can choose whatever they want to be but within four walls. There’s no need for making the personal preference public”.” Everybody knows such relations exist but what is the need of making hue and cry about the matter “said another lady dismissing the efforts made by LGBTQ community members.

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“The goal of the group is to uplift and support the LGBTQ community that has been facing suppression for a very long period. And now the beginning has been made and soon the city will be witnessing evolution. Nobody can breach fundamental rights of anyone based on their sexual orientation” said LGBTQ activist.

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