Amritsar: Golden Temple prepares for their devotees to respite them from Summer

Amritsar: The monsoon is still awaited in Punjab and North area, and the rising temperature has been an issue for this summer season. Meanwhile, the management of the Golden Temple in Amritsar has made some arrangements to beat the heat. Golden Temple has worked on the drinking water services and the electric fans in the shrine in an order to provide relief to the devotees.

Meanwhile, Jaswinder Singh Deenpur, Manager, Golden Temple said that they have made arrangements including drinking water and electric fans to provide relief to the people visiting the temple.

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The summer heat waves have been on high since last week and hence many people are suffering from it. There has been no respite from the heat waves in Punjab and Haryana. Also, the state witnessed a maximum number of temperature in various areas of Punjab. Bhiwani witnessed a maximum of 45.6 degrees Celcius. Likewise, the temperature in Patiala, Ludhiana, and Amritsar in Punjab reached 43 degrees Celcius, 43.6 degrees and 43.8 degrees Celcius respectively.

Hence, the Golden Temple shrine has taken a step to work for the devotees in an order to respite them from summer heat waves.

-PTC News