Asteroid 2020 KE4 to pass by Earth today – Here’s all you need to know

Aestroid Near Earth Object Towards the Planet Today | NASA NEO

As many as five Near-Earth Objects or NEOs or asteroids are heading towards the direction of Earth between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday early morning, a report quoted American space agency NASA.

As per the NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), a 108-foot wide 2020 KK7 asteroid has flown past the Earth at 4:43 am EDT or 2:13 pm IST.

Reportedly, the next one, which is said to be the 115 feet wide 2020 KD4, will fly by at 12,000 miles per hour at 8:47 am EDT or 6:17 IST, at a range of 2.5 million miles away.

The largest of the asteroids is 2020 KF, around 144-foot in diameter, that will fire past the Earth at 24,000 miles per hour at 12:00 pm EDT or 9.30 pm IST.

Likewise, it has been reported that it will be followed by 2020 KJ1, a 105-feet wide asteroid, heading at 11,000 miles per hour, will pass the planet at 2:57 pm EDT, passing at around 1.3 million miles from the Earth at its closest factor.

Lastly, an asteroid identified as 2020 KE4, a diameter of about 171 feet, will pass the Earth. Currently, the asteroid is heading towards the Earth at a speed of around 20,000 miles per hour, says a report on the International Business Times website.

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Reportedly, 2020 KE4 will not cause any impact on the Earth even if it hits the planet during one of its near-intersection flybys. The IBT reported that the asteroid will most likely burn up in the atmosphere and explode in the sky.

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