Book Bittu for remarks on extra judicial killings during Beant Singh’s tenure: Bikram Singh Majithia

Book Bittu for remarks on extra judicial killings during Beant Singh's tenure: Bikram Singh Majithia
Book Bittu for remarks on extra judicial killings during Beant Singh's tenure: Bikram Singh Majithia

Chandigarh: The blatant admission by Ravneet Singh Bittu Member Parliament and a grandson of Mr Beant Singh that during his grandfathers chief ministership “ extra-judicial” killings were rampant Senior Akali leader and former minister Bikram Singh Majitha while dubbing them as “ genocide of young Sikh boys. “ said that “ why should Bittu not be booked under the “ human rights violations “ after all we are the worlds largest democracy and Bittu has gone on record today and admitted that under the reign of his grandfather young boys were killed. Since he is privy to such information he should be “ hauled” so that the gruesome truth should finally be made come out.

Lamenting that Bittu was gloating over the fact that killings took place the former minister dubbed it “ as most unfortunate time in the recent history of the country “. Justice cannot be meted out by people like Bittu who go on record by admitting this heinous crime where thousands of young boys were lifted from there homes and were killed during Beant Singh ‘s tenure.

The tumultuous times for the Sikh community never saw an end as first the attack on Shri Darbar Sahib in Amritsar in 1984 the holiest of Sikh shrines and then the tragic role played by the mascot of heinous crimes in recent history where more than 3000 Sikhs were burnt alive, butchered and there women raped”. Unfortunately, Rajiv Gandhi went on to make the cruelest statement that “ when a large tree falls the earth shakes”.

While Majithia rued that the Sikhs and Punjabi’s suffered the brutal Beant Singh as Chief Minister ironically he said that “ in history of post-partition a state government elected on a mere one percent of voting during elections cannot be called a democratically elected government. “ The people of the state chose to stay away from the “ farce of elections which were held then and Beant Singh made the chief minister.

The senior sad leader lashed out at the then Congress government which leashed out draconian laws on the state and thousands of innocents were made scapegoats and butchered.

Bikram Majithia also regretted that till congress was in power at the center not one guilty person of these horrific crimes were punished. After nearly three decades the wheels of justice have been moved and there is absolute faith in the community that justice denied to it will finally be delivered.

The SAD leader went on to say that its pathetic that an elected MP is trying to justify farcical reign that “it’s all right to kill innocent young boys”. Why should action not be taken against such “ perpetrators who practice the politics of death “. These are the people who ruin the fabric of society. Their psyche is to burn and rule while tearing and sorrowfully destroying humanity.

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The SAD leader categorically welcomed the “ mature and highly compassionate decision” to commute the death sentence of Rajoana into life imprisonment and said that Punjab stood for harmony and peace and this decision of the central government in the worlds largest democracy was a “ healing process to assuage the huge tragedy faced by the state”.

The Congress party with leaders like Ravneet Singh Bittu would never be forgiven for killing sons, brothers, and fathers and ruining thousands of families in extrajudicial killings. “ Was it “ Nazi rule that no law and rule were followed and today Ravneet Singh Bittu is unabashedly claiming that his grandfather leashed a reign of terror, death and destruction in the state. Bittu should be hauled to explain about the entire information he has of his grandfather Beant Singh’s regime and tell the world “ the horrific human tragedy Beant Singh unleashed in the state.

The SAD leader also asked Bittu to explain his grandfather’s action against Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra the human activist who brought to light the colossal human tragedy of missing young men in the state.

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