Cancer incidence higher in urban areas in Punjab

Cancer incidence
Cancer incidence higher in urban areas in Punjab

Cancer incidence higher in urban areas in Punjab

According to the reports by Population-based Cancer Registries (PBCR) by Tata Memorial Centre, the risk of cancer in Punjab is double in the urban areas than the rural areas.  The report estimates the risk of getting cancer in Females is nearly 6% to 13%, and in males at 5% to 12%.

The report also highlights the fact that the cancer incidence is higher in the urban areas than other rural areas of Punjab. Mansa, Sangrur, and Mohali have reported 1,015 cancer cases among males and 1,158 cases among females. If we talk about deaths, then there were 564 deaths among females and 638 deaths among males in these districts.

Kind of cancer Area where it is predominant
Uterus Cancer Urban
Esophagus cancer Rural
Breast cancer Urban


Doctors at the Capitol Hospital gave reasons as to why the rate of such cancer cases is higher in urban areas:

– Lifestyle activities like less physical activity, excessive intake of alcohol

– Obesity

– Smoking

Besides this, the experts at Capitol Hospital also shed some light on the on the use of plastics in urban areas and how it increases the risk of cancer.  They further told that there are different kinds of plastic and not all of it is harmful.


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But, plastic poisoning can also occur when you reuse the plastic and that is why we should not reuse it.  We cannot deny the fact that plastic is present everywhere and it is impossible to avoid it. That is why, experts at Capitol Hospital bring you great measures, and if taken in the right direction can help reduce the risk to a greater extent.

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  • Avoid canned foods; cook and eat fresh foods.
  • Replace plastic water bottles, cups etc., with wooden and ceramic products.
  • Use aluminum foil rather than plastic wraps.
  • Don’t microwave plastic containers.
  • Pay special attention to the toys children around you are playing with.
  • Use baby bottles that say ‘BPA free’.