Chandigarh: Strict action to be taken against misuse of anti-social elements

By Gitanjali Mangal - November 19, 2020 10:11 pm

In the wake of security threats, the possibility of a law & order problem, the possibility of misuse of weapons by anti-social elements and others can create panic in the public nuisance, high apprehension of breach of peace and disturbance of public tranquility besides danger to human lives and safety by the display of weapons, the Chandigarh administration has decided to prohibit carrying all kinds of fire weapons, lethal weapons, lathies, spears and javelins, trishula, swords, short swords, knuckles, knives & daggers, iron rods, etc.

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Provided that the above order shall not apply to:-

Police or military or para-military personnel and other Govt. servants if called upon to carry firearms in connection with their duties subject to the following conditions:

a. That the police/military/para-military personnel shall be in their service uniform.

b. That the exemption is applicable in relation to the above said personnel only when they are on official duty.

Police on illegal weapons' trail to check crime in City Beautifulc. That the above personnel shall carry their identity cards and authorization cards authorizing them to carry the firearms in connection with their official duties, issued by the Competent Authority.

Carrying of firearms and lethal weapons for which permission in writing of the District Magistrate, Chandigarh has been obtained or holders of valid arms license.

This order is effective from 19.11.2020, 10 am and shall be effective for a period of sixty days up to and including 17.01.2021.

In view of the emergent nature of this order, it is being issued ex-parte and is addressed to the public in general. Any breach of this order shall invite action under section 188 of the I.P.C.

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