Chandrayaan 2: As nation stands with ISRO, Pakistan minister takes potshots

Chandrayaan 2: As nation stands with ISRO, Pakistan minister takes potshots
Chandrayaan 2: As nation stands with ISRO, Pakistan minister takes potshots

In a major setback to India, Chandrayaan 2 failed to execute its soft landing on the lunar surface after the Vikram lander lost communication with ground stations. As the distraught ISRO chief K Sivan broke down and Prime Minister Narendra Modi rallied behind him and the team, a Pakistan minister decided that this was the opportune moment to take potshots at India.

Pakistan Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Hussain Chaudhry took to Twitter, quoting the post of a user, Cees Bassa, who claims to work at the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy. In his tweet, Bassa wrote, “It looks like the ISRO Chandrayaan 2 Vikram lander has crashed. After the rough braking phase the Doppler curve from Radio Telescope shows some wiggles, and then, at 20:20:01UTC the signals disappeared”. To this, Pakistan Minister Fawad Hussain tweeted, “Awwwww….. Jo Kaam Ata Nai, Panga Nai Leitay Na….. Dear ‘Endia’”.

The thread also featured the tweet of an Indian netizen saying, “This wait is killing, too much of tension to bear. ISRO please make some announcement”. Replying to this, Fawad said: “So ja bhai moon ki bajaye Mumbai mein utar giya khilona” (Go to sleep, the toy landed in Mumbai instead of the Moon). A Pakistan citizen also tweeted to mock Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying, “You haven’t seen how Modi ran away from the control room.” The tweet contained laughter emojis.

Fawad Hussain responded with the tweet, “Ufff really I missed that great moment”, with a hashtag #IndiaFailed. This triggered a backlash from Indian netizens, who trolled him.

Fawad replied to the Indians with the tweet, “Surprised on Indian trolls’ reaction, they are abusing me as I was the one who failed their moon mission”. “Bhai hum ne kaha tha 900 crore lagao in nalaiqoon per? Ab sabr kero aur sonah ki koshish kero” (Brother, did we ask you to invest Rs 900 crore on these fools? Now, cool down and try to sleep).

That’s not all. He also mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at ISRO centre with the tweet, “Modi Ji is giving bhashan (Speech) on satellite communication as he is actually an astronaut and not politician. Lok Sabha should ask him questions on wasting 900 crore Rs of a poor nation…”

Also, he said in a tweet, “Dear Endia, instead of wasting money on insane missions as of Chandrayyan or sending idiots like Abhinandan for a tea to across LoC concentrate on poverty within, your approach on Kashmir (be another Chandrayyan just price tag) be far bigger.”

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