Common signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer

Common signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer in October
Common signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer in October

Common signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer

October is known as the breast cancer awareness month. During this month, a lot of charities for breast cancer patients take place around the globe. Many breast cancer survivors are also honored. Those who lost the battle to this deadly disease are also remembered.

To honor the breast cancer awareness month, we are here to guide you about the common symptoms of breast cancer. So that you all could detect and get treatment on time. This guide is very important for all as one can fully recover from breast cancer if detected early.

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Many people just look for lumps on their breasts to check if they have cancer or not. But, apart from checking lumps, there are many other signs and ways that can indicate breast cancer. They are as follows:

Change of shape and size

Breasts are not completely proportioned with one another. One breast can be slightly smaller or bigger than the other. If you find that there is a sudden swelling or sudden flattening of the breasts, or there is a change in the direction of the nipple, then you should definitely visit a doctor. Also, if the asymmetry is increasing a lot, then it’s high time to visit a doctor.

Lump and swelling

The presence of lumps felt through touch is the most common way to identify breast cancer. Lumps are swelled bumps, bulges that feel hard from the rest of the soft breast tissue.

If we talk about the cancerous lumps, they are hard with irregular shapes. They become painful once the size starts to increase. If you spot any lump in your breasts, then seek medical attention immediately.

Skin sores

When a lump grows in size and it breaks the skin and turns out like an open wound, then it is called skin sores. Skin sores are painful. They are followed by a constant leak and foul smell.

Discharge from the nipples

Women experience nipple discharge because of numerous reasons like pregnancy, breastfeeding or hormonal changes. If you experience discharge other than these reasons, then you should seek medical attention. If the discharge is spontaneous and contains blood and pus, then it may be a sign of cancer.

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Inverted nipples

Normal nipples usually point outwards. When cancer starts growing, they start drawing inside. Then, it eventually leads to the flattening of the nipple.