Communities impose ban, as Pre-wedding shoot too much “Public Display”

Raising objection over too much of “public display of affection” during pre-wedding video and photography, the Sindhi and Maheshwari communities in Chhattisgarh have issued a diktat of imposing a ban on it with immediate effect.

“The intimate poses and physical proximity during photo shoot are highly objectionable which is later displayed in big screens for people to watch during wedding reception. It’s against our culture and the couple is expected to be shy,” the community member said.
Prakash Bajaj, general secretary of Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha said, “Not only the poses and physical intimacy which is beyond limits is objectionable and influenced from movies, the common culture of our society is that we expect the to-be wedded couple behave shy. We are accustomed to perform marriage, ceremonies and rituals within a limit. Instead of banning the pre-wedding shoot, people needs to be made aware that touching each other physically before marriage is highly objectionable.”

As it’s putting bad impact on children who have started feeling that even they have the right to inappropriately touch, the community members are all in favour of imposing ban on the new culture of photo shoot before marriage.

Moreover, too much of PDA on social media also didn’t go down well among the members of several communities. They feel it influences other youths who get attracted towards this glamour and follow the same cult.

-PTC News