Can Government of India confirm that no Chinese soldiers entered India: Rahul Gandhi

Congress Rahul Gandhi India China StandOff | Narendra Modi-led BJP government

India China StandOff: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday asked the Narendra Modi-led BJP government if it could confirm that no Chinese soldiers entered India.

In a tweet, Rahul Gandhi wrote, “Can Government of India please confirm that no Chinese soldiers have entered India?” Meanwhile, he attached a piece of news that reported that India-China will be holding a high-level military meeting on June 6 in an order to resolve the confrontation in eastern Ladakh, quoting Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, where he admitted that Chinese soldiers were present in a sizeable number in the high altitude.

Rahul Gandhi had recently slammed the Central government on May 29 and during his press conference in the last week of May. In a tweet on May 29, Rahul Gandhi wrote: “The Government’s silence about the border situation with China is fueling massive speculation and uncertainty at a time of crisis. GOI must come clean and tell India exactly what’s happening.”

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressed media via video conferencing

On May 26, he addressed his fourth press conference through video conferencing where he said that “The details of what happened along the border, the government should share with the people.”

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He had said that there should be clarity on whatever happened with Nepal and why and what is happening in Ladakh. There is no transparency which is required in the issue of Ladakh and China, he said. The statement comes in a response to a question on the face-off on the LAC that was triggered after the Chinese objected to construction of road and development of infrastructure by India within the Indian territory.

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