Coronavirus: Death Toll rises to 80

Coronavirus China , Coronavirus Death Toll rises to 80

Coronavirus China: The dangerous Coronavirus death toll in China has risen to 80 while the number of infected across the country reaches 2,300 according to the government, AFP news agency reported on Monday. Accoding to China’s National Heath Commission there were 1,287 confirmed cases till Saturday.

Meanwhile, the number of suspected China virus cases in Pakistan has risen to 5. Reportedly, two samples from Multan have been sent to Hong Kong for confirmation as there are no laboratories in Pakistan equipped to diagnose the pathogen.

Recently, a video surfaced on the Interent in which a doctor suddenly fell to the ground after 36 hours of continuous work, but he returned after a short rest. He is one of the countless doctors, who are doing their best to rescue coronarvirus carriers.

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In the wake of coronavirus, a group of protesters set alight on Sunday the lobby of a newly built residential building in Hong Kong that authorities planned to use as a quarantine facility, as public fears about the coronavirus outbreak intensified.

While responding to this incident, a twitter user wrote: “As many cities in the mainland seal themselves off, HK refuses to consider a temporary closure of the border with the rest of China, as many are demanding. Instead it has set up a quarantine facility near a populated area. Protests have erupted.”

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