Daleel: Excruciating wait for justice is getting more painful

This episode of DALEEL is about the excruciatingly long wait for justice that millions go through in the country because of the large number of pending cases.
We have a wonderful panelist in Vivek Gomber, producer of the highly acclaimed film ‘Court’ who also played the role of the lawyer in this story of a Dalit activist-poet who is held ‘responsible’ for the ‘suicide’ of a sewage cleaner, and engages with why the wheels of justice grind so slow. Or not at all.
Apart from Vivek Gomber, the panel includes Harish Mehla, a practising lawyer and prime force behind Chandigarh Creative Cinema Circle, someone who has studied how court room dramas present a very different picture than the reality on the ground. Also participating is the spokesperson of People’s Union of Civil Liberties, Arjun Sheoran.