Father who wept when he got her married, today salutes goodbye to his lifeless daughter

From tears when she was born to tears to her lifeless body: a father’s farewell

A father and his daughter are the four words enough to suffice the world. The love that is out beyond the planet earth, of a father who nourishes the child into a woman of values, warmth and love, gives her the best of the world and one fine day marries her to a man who promises to be with her in good and bad, in every situation and guard her.

From taking her in the lap when she is a few minutes old, to marrying her to another man, he takes care of his princess in every step of life.

So did this father.

While the world called her an Air hostess, Mayank Singhvi’s wife, a wife who was ‘ALLEGEDLY’ burdened under dowry; in all this while she was a daughter to the man who today stood by the pyre and bid her goodbye….

‘The General bids his Hero goodbye..
He stood at attention and slowly raised his right hand to his forehead. No words were needed. She knew what her father was thinking..’

‘That hands that for the first time held her today were raised to salute her goodbye’

‘His eyes wet with tears the General stood at attention at her feet and saluted.
It was his final goodbye to his only daughter whose lifeless body lay before him, ready for her funeral. People around choked and cried freely but he stood stoic as if making a solemn promise to her. He shall not rest till Anissia gets justice. Neither shall we.’

Thousands of women go through such a painful end, every day. Not limited to a section of society, Anissia  was a prey too; of dowry, abuse, she was a woman living in India to say the least who like million other gave up.

‘He destroyed her spirit by isolating her from friends, family, putting pressure on her,’ says the brother. ‘He body was cremated, but her soul was not,’ the brother added speaking to a channel.

‘Multiple injuries on the right shoulder, left knee, lacerated lower back,’ confirms the report of Max Hospital. Meanwhile the phone lying with Anissia when she died had no scratch, how is it possible that the body is bruised while the phone has not even a single scratch?  The husband is arrested 72 hours after the crime.

While a lot of pages of Facebook will now seek #JusticeForAnissia, hundreds of people will walk down the road with candles in their hands; the time is gone, she is no more with us.

How do you suffice a relationship like that? She had luxury cars, gifts at her disposable, all that she didn’t have was the respect and love to be treated like a human, a woman and a wife.

Women in India, from every section of the society struggle; strangled in the chains of should’s and shouldn’t, can do, can’t do. They are tied in the chains of – She is married or, you still not married??

Ironic are our basics, our values at a point. So much so that a woman in pain since years couldn’t shout out for help, a woman who died couldn’t release herself of the trouble.

-Written and Edited by Nimrat Kaur for PTC News