Health worker dies in Moradabad day after receiving Covid19 shot

A 46-year-old health worker, Mahipal died a day after receiving the coronavirus vaccination.

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Mahipal’s family is blaming the vaccination for his death, the authorities cited an autopsy report to say that he suffered from a cardiac disease.

He was working as ward boy in the surgical ward of the state-run Deendayal Upadhya hospital in Moradabad, and passed away on Sunday night.

Moradabad District Magistrate Rakesh Singh said a high-level inquiry was being ordered.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Milind Chandra Garg, however, said that the cause of death was a cardiac problem.

He said, “Deceased Mahipal’s heart was found enlarged and it had blood clots according to postmortem report,”

Adding, “It appears that Mahipal was suffering from a cardiac disease,”

The report of the postmortem, conducted by three doctors, said the death was caused by “cardio-pulmonary disease” and there is “no relation with corona vaccine”.

The CMO trashed suggestions of any type of side effect of the vaccination, though he admitted that some employees were suffering from fever after taking the shots.

His comments came against the backdrop of Mahipal’s son Vishal that his father called him to hospital as he was feeling difficulty in breathing.

“My father was suffering from cough but after vaccination he had fever and felt heaviness in breathing. On Sunday he was admitted in the government hospital where he expired at night,” he said.

The CMO said that some of those who were vaccinated “were facing general problems but not like Mahipal”.

But, Mahipal’s family members claimed that he was never had any cardiac problem and he was quite healthy except for the fever and cough.

“My father was not suffering from corona even when he performed his duty properly during the pandemic,” his son said.

The Moradabad district magistrate said that the vaccination is fully safe and no side effects were reported.

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He claimed, “The case of Mahipal is exceptional and a high-level medical inquiry will be ordered,”

-PTC News