Interesting facts and health wonders of Kadah Prasad

Interesting facts and health wonders of Kadah Prasad

Kadah Prasad also known as Deg Prasad is served in almost all the Gurudwaras around the globe. Desi Ghee drenched, Sweet and warm Gourmet’s alone description is enough to make one salivate. But are you aware of several health benefits the delicious prasad has?

Let us tell you a few of them.

  • Rich Source of Energy – The kadah parsad is full of proteins and fibers. Because Deg is prepared with wheat flour, it prevents weight gain. Also, it helps in regulating metabolism. As it is rich in carbs, it provides you with a good amount of energy as well.
  • Ghee– Ghee (clarified butter) has the potential of making anything flavorsome and kadah prasad is full of it. Many people tend to avoid desi ghee as it promotes weight but few know that it is laden with vitamins like D, E, A and K. In addition, ghee is excellent for brain health. It lubricates bones and connective tissues.
  • Sarbloh– Kadah deg prasad is cooked in utensils known as Sarbloh. This is decision was taken considering the benefits it has on the food being cooked in it. Kadah prepared in Sarbloh has some amount of iron in it, which improves our immune system. Sarbloh helps in keeping the Kadah prasad moist and luscious.

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Did you know why Deg Prasad begin?

The main idea behind the preparation and distribution of Kadah prasad was to abolish untouchability and discrimination based on caste, creed, rich and poor. and promoted unity and brotherhood.

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