Is our cellphone killing us?

Cell phone or mobile phones have become intertwined so much in our daily lives that without them we can’t just imagine our lives. From the younger generation to the old, everyone wants a mobile phone for them. We live in a world where we ourselves have made us so dependent on mobile phones without thinking of the consequences that this can result in.

The experts at Capitol Hospital, best healthcare in our region shed some light on the consequences and their effect on our health. Smartphones release a form of non-ionizing radiation which is radiofrequency energy waves. The radio waves that are discharged from the cellphones can affect our brain and may result in a tumor. IRAC (International Agency for Research into Cancer) which is a part of WHO (World Health Organization) did research in the year of 2011 to evaluate the risk of the cell phone as a possible carcinogen.

IRAC said that the evidence was limited to two specific types of brain tumors and inadequate when it came to other types of cancer. They conceded that there was some risk and more research should be done on this. IRAC classified cellphones in Group 2A category of their classification which means “probably carcinogenic to humans”.

Although cellphones don’t alter our DNA as alcohol, tobacco, and other carcinogens do. Also, scientists have not been able to find any conclusive evidence for this. The cellphones don’t have enough energy in them which can damage the DNA inside cells as substances like alcohol, tobacco can.

The exposure to the radio waves varies from person to person. The experts at Capitol Hospital recommends to at least minimize this exposure by making some small changes in how we use mobile phones in our daily life.

– Use speakerphone or headphones to talk rather than gluing the phone to your ear while talking.
– Avoid unnecessary usage of phones
– Don’t use the phone when the signal is less as more radio waves are exposed during this time.
– Don’t keep your phone near your head while sleeping. Keep it on the side table or anywhere else but not on your bed.

Let’s be smart in our usage of smartphones. Use them for our convenience and not as a health hazard.

-PTC News