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Zirakpur: Manav Mangal Smart World holds fest

Written by  Dinkle Popli -- November 30th 2022 05:00 PM -- Updated: November 30th 2022 05:11 PM
Zirakpur: Manav Mangal Smart World holds fest

Zirakpur: Manav Mangal Smart World holds fest

Zirakpur, November 30: Character building and Civic Sense fest was organized at manav mangal Smart World. The fest aimed at creative awareness about Civic and moral values amongst students. Our children are the future citizens of our country.Instilling in them the sense of responsibility, respect for rights and duties and reverence for Law will ensure that they become responsible and productive members of the society.

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The fest had the setting of different Rangolis under varied themes such as Empathy, Bust the bullying, How to handle anger and build respect for others, Walk in my shoes, You are using the Internet wrong, Avoid making others upset, Be kind and trustful, Growing grateful, Stop discrimination, When we all die, you will pay for oxygen, Deshkiizzatpethooo?, Help me-Earth’s Cry, Pollution: Air, Noise & Water, Soda doesn’t cost Rs. 20, When something is free you are the product, Drop the Habit.

Students of Class V, VI, and VII were confidently explaining the rangolis to the visitors. Parents appreciated the efforts put in by the teachers and students, it conveyed the much needed message ina unique and innovative manner a concept beyond imagination.



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