Kashmiri Sikh Donates His Month’s Salary To Kathau Rape Victim Family


Kashmiri Sikh Donate Entire Month’s Salary To Kathau Rape Victim Family

While the nation battles to safeguard its daughters and still find a way to punish a rapist in the nation, there are some taking to the roads to protest, others candles march while the majority take out their anger on social media sites.

Kashmiri Sikh Donate Entire Month's Salary To Rape Victim Asifa's Family

The Kathua rape case has shocked the entire nation, while international media is talking about it too- all  uniting to fight for justice for the 8 year old purple dress girl who was brutally sedated, raped and murdered.

Amid all this the family of the 8 year old is still struggling to come back to reality, to seep into their veins – the horrible site of the dead 8 year old daughter, to make ends meet, to be stable.

Harminder Pal Singh, a Kashmiri Sikh who resides in the Tral valley is genuinely doing something and setting an example of magnificent humanitarian duty to the entire nation, as he is donating an entire month’s salary to Kathau Rape Victim’s family.

In an interview he explained his decision to do this. “It is my moral duty to help a nomadic family who has been made to suffer, and since I am blessed with a job and donation of one month salary would not make me suffer, She was like my own daughter.”

While the rest say it, he believes that she is not the daughter of her parents but the daughter of the entire nation.

Kashmiri Sikh Donate Entire Month's Salary To Rape Victim Asifa's Family

“The culprit involved in the rape and murder of 8-year-old Zainab of Pakistan was hanged soon after the investigation was complete and same parameters must be followed here so that the family gets speedy justice,” he said in the interview.

We should learn too, he added.

The Kathua rape case is a cry for help for us to stop barbaric acts.

While shouting on social media is a great tool to raise awareness, but how about taking a cue from Mr. Singh and actually doing our bit to help the ones who are going through the wrath of life all by themselves?

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