Man carrying 1kg gold inside his stomach arrested at Kerala’s Karipur airport

By Shefali Kohli -- September 20, 2022 8:35 am -- Updated:September 20, 2022 1:13 pm

Karipur , September 20

: One person carrying one kilogram of gold inside four capsules in his stomach has been arrested from Karipur airport.

The accused has been identified as Naufal, a native of Variamkode in the Malappuram district.

He arrived at Karipur airport from Dubai on September 19.

He tried to smuggle 1.063 Kg of gold by concealing it as 4 capsules of the gold compound in his rectum.

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The police carried out a thorough inspection of his body and luggage but failed to recover the gold. Following this, Naufal was taken to a private hospital at Kondotty and was subjected to a detailed medical examination. The X-ray revealed four capsules containing gold inside his stomach.

This is the 59th gold smuggling case being reported at Karipur airport within the past few months.

Earlier also on September 15, 5kg of gold was seized from the luggage of a passenger at Karipur airport. The passenger was apparently helped by two Indigo staffers. Though the passenger fled the airport, the officials arrested the two staffers. The approximate value of gold seized is Rs 2.5 crore.

Meanwhile, earlier this month a superintendent of the customs department was arrested for clearing way for the carriers who smuggled gold via the airport. As as result, the arrest of Indigo staffers puts forth many questions about a possible clout in the airport.

-PTC News with ANI inputs

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