Manjit Singh GK files a complaint in GK police station based on Tytler sting CD, papers

Manjit Singh GK files a complaint in Greater Kailash, police station based on the Tytler sting CD and papers.

“It has been requested in the complaint that since the accused can leave the country any time hence he should be arrested immediately and prosecuted under IPC Sections 302, 147/149 and 120-B,” R P Singh said in a statement.

Earlier in the day, Manjit Singh GK said that they would send copies of the video clips to various authorities and demanded arrest of the Congress leader.“We have a sting of Jagdish Tytler in which he is admitting his role in 1984 killings. We are handing over all proofs to the CBI and it should arrest him immediately,” the Akali Dal leader said.

S. Manjit Singh G.K. has stated that in clip 3, Mr. Tytler has admitted that Mr. Tytler has killed 100 Sikhs and nothing happened to him except a sham enquiry. This is Mr. Tytler’s confession to the crime he has committed during the 1984 Anti Sikh Genocide. In case the investigation agencies fail to arrest Mr. Tytler and all the accused persons within 24 hours, S. Manjit Singh G.K. has stated that they will launch strong protests against Police and agencies. He has also clarified that Akali Dal won’t stay silent and if needed, the matter would be vehemently raised in Parliament also.

In a shocking revelation on Monday morning, DSGMC President Manjit G.K in a press conference put forth proofs and facts that he received from an unidentified person at his gate.

Here is a list of revelations made by Manjit Singh GK in the press conference-

Clip no 3 : In the script Jagdish Tytler says, ‘100 Sikhs were killed, what happened, inquiry is on, it will carry on. Nothing could be done!’

‘There is nothing but an inquiry, ‘kya kar diya saleh ne’ (he abuses in the video)

He adds,  ‘I have lost him (referencing to Manmohan Singh)’ on  8 December 2011.

Clip no 1: ‘My friends have to return to me 150 crore cash,’ he said.

If he has so much cash, what is the Income Tax department doing? What black money does the government have a trace of??, Manjit G K asks in the press conference.

Clip no 2: ‘Congress high command committed either we will give you Rajya Sabha seat or make you the CM of Delhi. The media is after my son, and is trying to expose him. My son has a company, wherein he is a director and his account is in the Swiss Bank. And the media is trying to make sure i don’t get all that Congress promised me. ‘

‘My wife knows everything,’ Tytler said.

Clip 5: Tyler calls Anna Hazare a trash can and says, i would have sent him back to his village had i have been the Home Minister. Tytler himself calls Congress Government corrupt, along with pointing at Kiran Bedi.

He also threatened to stage protests and raise voice in Parliament if the CBI did not arrest Tytler.

-PTC News