“Why are you mocking poverty? Why are you insulting a poor mother?”- PM MODI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rallies in Bhuj and Jasdan in Gujarat

Jasdan/Bhuj (Guj), Nov 27- Following are the key quotes from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rallies in Bhuj and Jasdan in Gujarat on Monday:

On the ‘chaiwala’ meme posted by the Youth Congress and his humble origins:

“They are feeling uneasy because a chaiwala (tea seller) became the PM. We used to read in books how downtrodden gets harassed by those in the higher strata. But I never imagined they would stoop so low. It is the misfortune of this country that some are hell bent on stooping as low as they can.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rallies in Bhuj

“Some people send me messages regularly and threaten me that they will once again turn me into a tea seller. I want to tell them that I am Modi, who is ready to sell tea but will never commit the sin of selling the entire country.

I want to tell them that I am Modi, who is ready to sell tea

“You should not complain if a poor man’s son becomes the Prime Minister of this country. Are you unhappy because a tea seller has taken away your throne? Were you under the impression that it was your inherited property?

“Why are you mocking poverty? Why are you insulting a poor mother?”

On the Dokalam standoff and Hafiz Saeed:

“When our soldiers were standing eye-to-eye in Dokalam for 70 days, why were you hugging the Chinese ambassador? For whose benefit did you do this?

“You are happy to hug the Chinese ambassador, you are clapping at the release of Hafiz Saeed (LeT founder). You cannot respect Indian Army’s surgical strike. But why did you speak up about it? You could have just remained silent.

“Recently a Pakistani court released a terrorist, I cannot understand why these Congress people are clapping here.”

On the Uri terror attack and surgical strike:

“They killed our soldiers in Uri, our soldiers went inside their territory, conducted a surgical strike and came back. The next day a newspaper said they (in Pakistan) carried bodies in trucks.”

On Congress raising questions over the surgical strike:

“They could not respect the Indian Army, they asked questions like none of our soldiers was injured? None of them died? Have you any photo or video evidence? Had they gone to shoot a movie in Pakistan?

“When you go to the house of the poor and eat rotis, you ensure that you are filmed, but does that mean that a surgical strike should be filmed?”

On allegations levelled against him by the Congress:

“I had written a poem, which said Gujarat is my atma (soul), while Bharat is my parmatma (God). Gujarat is my mother and I am her son, I have grown up in this soil, you Gujaratis know my plus and minus points, what was good in me has evolved due to this ‘mitti’ (soil) due to my mother (Gujarat).

“But, they have the courage to abuse the son of Gujarat who has no stain on his public life. You come to this land and make baseless allegations.

“You think that any Gujarati will forgive you? Can Gujarat forgive this attack on its child?

“The Congress should understand, the day when you committed atrocities on Sardar Patel, Gujarat tolerated the insults, but times have changed…They will not do so again.

“Many leaders have come here and sprayed ‘kichad’ (muck). Farmers prepare their land before the start of the monsoon season. In the same way too much muck has been sprayed here. It is good as it will help kamal (BJP’s election symbol lotus) to bloom in this muck.”

On issues in Gujarat elections:

“The Gujarat election is a contest between trust on development and dynastic politics.”

On Congress’ treatment of Patel Chief Ministers:

“The first Janta Morcha government was formed before the Emergency (1975-77), when the entire country was turned into a jail by (then PM) Indira Gandhi.

“Babubhai Jashbhai Patel become the first Patel CM of Gujarat because the Jan Sangh was in his support. But, the Congress did not like this and dislodged him within nine months (June 1975 to March 1976).

“The fourth CM was the daughter of the Patel community. They (Congress) once again started conspiring against her using money power and by instigating people.

“They fanned violence to disturb her. This Congress party harassed four Patidar CMs, just because the people of Gujarat never accepted the party. They can take any path to bring disrepute to the state.”

On the AAP and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal:

“Some years back, a new party (AAP) came to power in Delhi. At that time, people thought that good days will come. Now, that person has a habit of running away after throwing a stone on someone, hiding away after abusing someone and going away after spitting on someone.”

“He is doing that daily. But, I was under the impression that leaders of Congress, a 132-year-old party, will, at least, not learn such bad habits. But, they might have thought that this is the best way to get cheap publicity.” PTI