The new face of trucking: Sikhs becoming a growing part of US trucking industry

New Face

The new face of trucking: Sikhs becoming a growing part of US trucking industry

The prices for many products have been increasing in the American stores. One of the major reasons has been the higher shipping or transportation cost that was brought on by the shortage of truck drivers. Trucking companies in America have posted ‘help wanted’. And now, they are able to draw help from an unexpected source.

New Face

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There is one group of drivers i.e. Indian American Sikhs who may well be a part of the solution. More than 30,000 Indian-American Sikhs have entered the US trucking business in the last two years.


The major reason behind is that most of the Sikhs wanted to keep their articles of faith like turban, hair, moustache and beard. And most jobs in America require these things to be properly trimmed. But in trucking, they can keep their faith and can still make a decent living.

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There are many recruiting videos like a Punjabi music video that show Sikhs behind the wheel. It promises a big truck, a nice car and a wife making them food for the road.


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When these Sikh drivers were asked if these videos were based on reality, they said Yes! the presentation may be a bit eye-catchy! But that’s the reality. According to them, the American dream is very much alive!