Outgoing President Ram Nath Kovind’s farewell speech on eve of demitting office

By Dinkle Popli -- July 24, 2022 9:31 pm -- Updated:July 24, 2022 9:31 pm

New Delhi, July 24: On the eve of demitting office, President Ram Nath Kovind on Sunday urged citizens to contemplate Mahatma Gandhi's life and teachings at least for a few minutes every day.

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In his farewell address to the nation, President Kovind said, "Five years ago, you had reposed immense trust in me, and chose me as the President of India through your elected representatives. As I demit my office at the end of my term, I wish to share a few ideas with you all. I have been inspired and energised by my interactions with citizens during my visits across the country." "Farmers and workers from small villages, teachers shaping young minds, artists enriching our legacy, scholars investigating various facets of our country, businesspeople creating wealth for the nation, doctors and nurses serving the people, scientists and engineers engaged in nation-building, judges and advocates contributing to the justice delivery system of the country, civil servants who run the administration smoothly, our social workers actively connecting every social segment with development, preachers and masters of all sects who maintain the flow of spirituality in Indian society - you all have continuously helped me discharge my duties. In short, I received full cooperation, support and blessings from all sections of society," he stated.
Kovind said he would cherish the occasions when he had an opportunity to meet brave jawans of the armed forces, paramilitary forces and the police.

Mentioning his visits abroad, Kovind said he found the love and concern for the homeland among Indian diaspora very touching.

Remebering his childhood memories, President Kovind said, "When I was growing up in a small village, the nation had only recently achieved independence. There was a fresh wave of energy to rebuild the country; there were new dreams. I too had a dream, that one day I would be able to participate in a meaningful way in this nation-building exercise. A young boy living in a mud house could not have any idea about the highest Constitutional office of the Republic.

"But it is the testament to the strength of India's democracy that it has created pathways to let each citizen take part in the shaping of our collective destiny. If that Ram Nath Kovind from village Paraunkh is addressing you today, it is solely thanks to the inherent power of our vibrant democratic institutions," he added.

President Kovind said among the most memorable moments of his life have been visiting his home during his term and touching the feet of his teachers at Kanpur to seek their blessings.

He said connection with our roots has been the essence of India. President Kovind urged the younger generation to continue the tradition of staying connected with their village or town, their schools and teachers.

The President said he believes the chief goal is to help people to discover the joy of living. For that, first of all, their basic necessities must be taken care of.

"We have indeed come a long way from the days of shortages of resources. We are working with the objective of providing better housing, and access to drinking water and electricity for every family. This change has been made possible by the momentum of development and good governance which knows no discrimination," he said.

Once the basic necessities are taken care of, he said the next requirement is to let each citizen pursue happiness by discovering their potential and letting them do what they alone are destined to do. "Here, education is the key. I believe the National Education Policy will go a long way in making it possible for young Indians to connect with their heritage and also find their feet in the 21st century," said President Kovind.

He urged citizens to contemplate Gandhiji's life and teachings at least for a few minutes every day.

"Whenever I was in doubt, I turned to Gandhiji and his famous talisman. His advice of recalling the face of the poorest man and asking myself if the step I am about to take will be of any use to him. At the risk of repeating myself, I will urge you to contemplate Gandhiji's life and teachings at least for a few minutes every day," he said.

Emphasizing on the climate challenge, the President said, "Mother Nature is in deep agony and the climate crisis can endanger the very future of this planet. We must take care of our environment, our land, air and water, for the sake of our children. In our daily lives and routine choices, we must be more careful to protect our trees, rivers, seas and mountains as well as all other living beings," added President Kovind.

Droupadi Murmu was elected to be the next President of India on Friday after she comprehensively defeated the opposition's presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha. She will take oath at the Central Hall of Parliament on Monday.

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