Pan Am Games Lima 2019: Closing ceremony will witness Dance of Diversity

Pan Am Games Lima 2019: Closing ceremony will witness Dance of Diversity
Pan Am Games Lima 2019: Closing ceremony will witness Dance of Diversity
” Dance of Diversity” is the name for the closing ceremony of the sports event that has united the countries of the Americas for 17 days.

The closing ceremony of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games will take place on Sunday, August 11, at 19:00, and the Lima 2019 Organizing Committee provided details of this vibrant event to be held at the National Stadium.

The COPAL President, Carlos Neuhaus, expressed mixed feelings because the Pan American Games will end in a few days: “As all good things come to an end, this event will be fantastic. We have a great surprise, just as the opening ceremony dazzled everyone.”

In this press conference, Gian Marco was also introduced as the closing ceremony headliner, and expressed his gratitude for the invitation: “We have the challenge to surpass the opening ceremony. We have prepared a special show that I hope people like. I also have a surprise for everyone at the end of the show,” he said.

The closing ceremony is led by a talented production team from Lima 2019 and the prestigious Italian company Balich WorldWide Shows, an international leader in the live entertainment industry, which oversaw the Lima 2019 opening ceremony and the Torino 2006, Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 opening ceremonies.

Nikos Lagousakos, creative director of the closing ceremony, said that this is the thirteenth ceremony he performs and working in Peru has been very special. “I’m impressed with this beautiful land and its over than three thousand dances, and that’s the great diversity of Peru, so we’ll continue with the dance in this ceremony.

Peruvian dances will be the main artistic shows at the ceremony to close on a high note this sports event. Fabricio Varela, director of the National Folkloric Ballet, said that:

“As a Peruvian, it’s a great satisfaction to be at this ceremony and to showcase the Peruvian culture. We have different cultures and traditions and that diversity makes us bigger.”

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The costume designs are in charge of the talented Pepe Corzo, who oversaw the design of 1000 unique costumes. While Lucho Quequezana continues in charge of the musical direction and the renowned Dj Shushupe will set the pace for the ceremony that will seek to make the athletes dance before bidding farewell to Lima.

Chilean duo Power Peralta formed by brothers Gabriel and Raúl Peralta, and the singer Francisca Valenzuela will perform at the ceremony, representing Chile, which will host the “Santiago 2023 Pan American Games”


About 955 artists on stage, of which 893 are volunteers, will portray the ancient culture of Peru through their dances. The National Folkloric Ballet, directed by Fabricio Varela, will have the main role and will delight with its talent the 50 thousand attendees and the million viewers who will follow the live broadcast.