Petrol and diesel price hiked for 8th consecutive day; Here are the latest rates in top cities

Petrol and Diesel Fuel Price Hike For 8th Day | Delhi India

The prices of petrol and diesel have been hiked for the eighth consecutive day on Sunday. According to the information, the price of petrol has been increased by 62 paise per litre and diesel by 64 paise per litre on Sunday. In the last 8 days, the petrol price has gone up by Rs 4.52 per litre and diesel by Rs 4.64 per litre.

As per the report, the oil marketing companies could keep on raising the price of petrol and diesel for few more days as the crude oil rates have doubled since April lows.

Here are the latest price of petrol, diesel in top cities:

  • New Delhi: Petrol Rs 75.78; Diesel Rs 74.03
  • Gurgaon: Petrol Rs 74.68; Diesel Rs 66.92
  • Mumbai: Petrol Rs 82.70; Diesel Rs 72.64
  • Chennai: Petrol Rs 79.53; Diesel Rs 72.18
  • Hyderabad: Petrol Rs 78.67; Diesel Rs 72.36
  • Bengaluru: Petrol Rs 78.23; Diesel Rs 70.39


Meanwhile, the Congress leader Kapil Sibal slammed the central government over the hike in fuel prices adding that the excise duty on petrol and diesel has increased by 258 percent and 819 percent respectively since May 2014.

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Reportedly, he said that the central excise and VAT account for 69 percent of tax on fuel in India which is said to be higher than anywhere else in the world. The tax of fuel in the US was 19 percent, Japan 47 percent, the UK 62 percent, France 63 percent and Germany 65 percent, he said.

-PTC News