Playing of Dalit card by Channi in sexual harassment case is sinful as Dalits have a lustrous history of protecting & respecting the women: SAD

Cabinet Minister Charanjit Singh Channi
Cabinet Minister Charanjit Singh Channi

Playing the Dalit card by Channi to absolve himself of the shameful involvement in sexual harassment of a senior IAS officer is sinful as Dalits have a lustrous history of protecting and respecting the women.

Recalling the lustrous history of the Dalit community in the state and country senior SAD leaders Gulzar Singh Ranike , Sohan Singh Thandal and Pawan Kumar Tinu dubbed the sexual harassment incident of a senior IAS officer as a ” disgrace” on the face of government and demanded a  immediate dismissal of the Cabinet Minister and a case registered under 345 Indian Penal Code.

Former Minster ‘s Ranike and Thandal along with Pawan Kumar Tinu in a hard-hitting statement claimed that the Dalits have played an ” extraordinary role of bravery and righteousness ” in the history of the country and  reminded that it was a Dalit who risked his life and being for Guru Tegh Bahadur who was beheaded by the cruel Mughal ruler Aurangzeb in 1675 in Delhi and till date he is revered as ” Rangrete Guru ke Bete” by not only the Sikh community but by the Nation too.

Ranika and Thandal lamented that this harrowing incident of ” #MeToo” in the state involving a senior IAS officer has become an absolute ” mockery” by the condescending attitude demonstrated by Sunil Kumar Jakhar and the Chief Minister, the former ministers also rued that Asha Kumari being a woman had shown not only apathy but complete lack of reason, logic and compassion to the lady officer and the women in general. ” Congress has lost all its moral moorings” claimed the duo.  While the history is witness to Bhai Jiwan Singh’s supreme sacrifices and there are hundreds of exemplary ” Dalits” who have played a pivotal role in the Indian history by standing on a ” moral value system ” by protecting the women. Pawan Kumar Tinu said that ” invaders plundering through Punjab were put to the sword by the brave Dalits to save women. Today the situation has reached where a Cabinet Minister is trying to hide under the garb that since he is a Dalit he is being targeted. ” this is preposterous and absolutely obnoxious” rued the trio.

While the Congress party should hang its head in shame and remorse for protecting the sinful culprit it is busy being dismissive of the grave and heinous crime against the women. What must be the abject condition of the poor junior level women workforce in the state government which has a sizeable number of women working for them, alleged the SAD leaders.

This is a Nation which has produced Dalit sons of the calibre of Dr B.R Ambedkar who drafted the constitution of India and here ” we have people of the stature of Channi” who sexually harass senior women officers and get away with it as there Party President Rahul Gandhi is oblivious to the safety, fundamental rights and their dignity as women”. Rued the trio. ” The party President should have taken a decision on the very first day when this harrowing incident came into light. But unfortunately Gandhi has chosen to remain quiet and made his state President Sunil Jakhar and Asha Kumari make ” derogatory ” statements to hurt the sentiments of the women in the state and Nation, Lamented Ranike, Thandal and Tinu.