Possible third wave of coronavirus not likely to affect children: WHO-AIIMS survey

Possible third wave of coronavirus not likely to affect children: WHO-AIIMS survey

WHO-AIIMS survey: The third possible wave of coronavirus in India prevailing out of the virus variant is unlikely to affect children, a seroprevalence study conducted by the World Health Organisation and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has revealed.

COVID-19 seropositivity rate among children was high and was comparable to the adult population in the WHO-AIIMS survey.

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Third Wave Of COVID-19 Unlikely To Hit Children Disproportionately, Finds WHO-AIIMS Survey

The research was conducted in 5 selected states with a total sample size of 10,000.

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COVID-19: This is what WHO-AIIMS study says about possible third wave affecting children - know details

In resettlement colonies in South Delhi’s urban areas, very high (highest reported yet in any sero-assessment) seroprevalence of 74.7 percent was found, Dr. Puneet Misra, Professor of Community Medicine at AllMS, New Delhi, who led the survey said.

Children unlikely to get hit by COVID-19 third wave: WHO-AIIMS Study reveals | India News | Zee News

Before the second wave of coronavirus, the children below the age of 18 in South Delhi had as much seroprevalence (73.9 percent) as the below 18 years (74.8 percent).

It further stated that these levels of seroprevalence may be protective against the third wave of coronavirus in India, Dr Misra added.

It is pertinent to mention that the daily new cases of coronavirus have started to decline in the country as the daily recoveries continue to outnumber the fresh cases.

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