PTC BOX OFFICE presents ‘ZAMEER’, A marriage based on everything but love

PTC Box Office brings you ‘Zameer’, a story of a marriage that is based on everything other than love. A family who marry their son to a girl out of greed, as the girl is soon going to get a government job, hence all the leisure for their family and of course for the son.

On the other hand, their son is jobless and aimless about his life. The two are married as both of them apparently are in “love”, life seems like a fairy tale until her result is out.

The result changes everything for the girl who married this man thinking of love and a beautiful life together.

She fails in her exams and does not get the job. The behavior of the entire family switches within a days’ time. From abusing her physically to torturing her, the family does all that to humiliate her and make life a living hell.

How does she deal with the society, the situation and her own family and husband. Written by award-winning writer ‘Balwinder Grewal’, Zameer is a sensitive story that shows a different face of a marriage.

Jaswant Deed has helmed the script beautifully.

Watch ‘Zameer’ this Friday on PTC BOX Office, 8:00 pm only on PTC Punjabi.