Who benefitted the most from the attack? Rahul Gandhi questions Modi govt on Pulwama attack anniversary

Pulwama Attack Anniversary , Rahul Gandhi questions Narendra Modi

Pulwama Attack Anniversary: As India remembers Pulwama martyrs, the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday targeted PM Narendra Modi-led BJP government as he raised questions about the probe.

Taking to twitter, Rahul Gandhi wrote: “Today as we remember our 40 CRPF martyrs in the Pulwama Attack, let us ask: 1. Who benefitted the most from the attack? 2. What is the outcome of the inquiry into the attack? 3. Who in the BJP Govt has yet been held accountable for the security lapses that allowed the attack?”

Answering to the questions, Congress party member Srivatsa replied: “1. BJP benefited the most. Remember Yediyurappa claiming 22 seats for 44 deaths! 2. No outcome of the inquiry. Govt hasn’t even found the source of how 300kg RDX came into the country. 3. Davinder Singh arrest being buried. No accountability fixed at any level including Doval.”

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik was quoted by ANI as saying: “40 CRPF men died in Pulwama Attack.Till date, no inquiry has been commissioned to find out from where RDX came and how the vehicle reached the spot? Vehicle’s driver was in jail. How did he come out? Probe should be conducted as people want to know truth.”

Another politician Md Salim said, “We dont need a memorial to remind us of our incompetence. The only thing we need to know is how 80kg of RDX got past the international borders to the ‘most militarised zone on earth’ & exploded in Pulwama. Justice for Pulwama Attack needs to be done.”

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While slamming Rahul Gandhi, National Spokesperson of BJP, Sambit Patra said, “That was a Dastardly attack.. And this is a dastardly comment.. Who Benefitted the most? ..Mr Gandhi can you think beyond Benefits? ..off course not..this so called “Gandhi” family can never think beyond Benefits ..not just materialistically corrupt..their Souls are also Corrupt.”

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