Prosperity to Adversity! A year full of fake promises by Captain Amarinder to Punjab!


Punjab CM Captain Amarinder give black day to Punjab with fake promises
Punjab CM Captain Amarinder give black day to Punjab with fake promises

Punjab CM Captain Amarinder gives black day to Punjab with fake promises

One year old and still in news for all the wrong reasons! Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh had a rather deteriorating first year, for all that said was void, the hollow vessels and big promises with absolutely “zero tolerance” FOR the betterment of Punjab.

Plus, he lost one of his close aid minister to a sand mining scandal!

Amarinder had promised to wipe out the drugs menace within four weeks of coming to power, but a recent report started about 2.5 lakh to 3.5 lakh drug addicts in the state.

‘Ghar Ghar Rozgar’ proved to be a fancy slogan to fill the vote bank!

A gift of Drug abuse in youth, deterioration of value systems, ‘Goonda Raj’ rooted in the blood, a total absence of ‘rule of law’, private charter to fly within Punjab and a captain absent from his own cabinet.

One year of Congress rule- best said Goonda Raj in Punjab has certainly shown us why Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh promised to not contest in the elections again!

With nothing left other than Drugs, suicide for farmers, electricity bills for every house in Punjab, punjabis socially downtrodden in the society, VVIP culture still in the hands of Captain Amarinder, loan-waivers, Goonda Tax, tubewell meters, Rana Gurjit involved in a scam, and to top it all his absence from cabinet, the vibrant, colourful Punjab has been pushed into darkness by Congress government.

An eclipse on the growth of Punjab, Congress rule has pushed Punjab from prosperity to adversity in just one year!

-PTC News