Rahul adopting ‘big lie’ technique on Rafale deal: BJP

The BJP today accused Congress president Rahul Gandhi of adopting “big lie technique” in his attack on the government over the Rafale fighter jet deal but said he would not succeed in his “crude” attempts to create doubts in people’s mind.

BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao said Gandhi was drawing a leaf from Hitler’s propaganda driven by the “big lie technique” that a lie repeated a thousands times would be taken as truth with time.

The inter-governmental Rafale deal was bound by a “non- disclosure” clause signed by the UPA government, he said, adding that Gandhi was “dishing out lies” in the hope that some muck would stick.

“He is adopting the big lie technique but will not succeed in his crude attempts. Defence purchases were a source of ‘bribes and commissions’ for the Congress, but national security is paramount for the Modi government,” Rao said.

By his “reckless” action, Gandhi and his party were endangering national security and were quoting instances selectively where such details had been revealed, he said.

All inter-governmental deals were not bound by non- disclosure clause but the Rafale deal is and it was signed by the UPA government, the spokesperson said.

With the Congress president persisting with such “pernicious” attempts, the BJP is compelled to think that he was deliberately harming national security, he said, and added that the Congress had earlier also questioned the Army over various issues.

Stepping up its offensive on the Rafale deal, the Congress today posed a set of questions to the government, asking it to disclose the “purchase price” of each fighter aircraft and details of how the agreement was reached. PTI