Rahul Gandhi declares war on BJP, says Congress alone can guide the nation


Rahul Gandhi declares war on BJP, Congress alone can guide the nation
Rahul Gandhi declares war on BJP, Congress alone can guide the nation

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rule had fatigued the nation and the Congress alone could show a tired nation a direction.

Declaring a war on the BJP, Gandhi addressed the opening session of the 84th AICC Plenary and gave three principal messages—that the Congress is the sole political alternative to the BJP, that Congress’s work is to unite a country being divided by the BJP and that the Congress could move forward only on the strength of both its veterans and youth.

Gandhi said the BJP was spreading fear in the country and it was the job of the Congress to bind it together.

“We speak of the youth. The plenary talks of the future but I want to say our tradition is one where change takes place but the past is never forgotten. If the youth will take us forward we cannot move ahead without the contributions from veterans. My job is to unite the old and young,” Gandhi said to an applause.

“The youth look at Mr Modi and do not see a way forward. Farmers don’t know when they will get a fair price for their produce. The Congress alone can guide this fatigued country. The difference between us and them is we use love while they use anger. Our party will work for everyone and leave no one unturned, no matter what their religion or caste,” Gandhi said.

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