Register criminal case against Rajiv Gandhi for orchestrating Sikh genocide : SAD

Register criminal case against Rajiv Gandhi in Sikh genocide: SAD
Register criminal case against Rajiv Gandhi in Sikh genocide: SAD

Register criminal case against Rajiv Gandhi in Sikh genocide: SAD

The Shiromani Akali Dal today demanded registration of a criminal case against former  Rajiv Gandhi for orchestrating the Sikh genocide even as it asked Congress president Rahul Gandhi to expel leaders like Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar who had executed the massacre of Sikhs in Delhi in 1984.

In a statement here, SAD spokesman Virsa Singh Valtoha appreciated the stance taken by a Punjab congress leader who held the ex-prime minister Rajiv Gandhi responsible for massacre of Sikhs in 1984 during a television debate.

“It is obvious that the Congress spokesman is privy to some facts of the case due to which he had made this statement.“Recently one of the massacre accused – Jagdish Tytler had admitted to driving Rajiv Gandhi in parts of Delhi after the assassination of then PM Indira Gandhi following which those areas saw the maximum killing of Sikhs in the city. This calls for reopening the entire case to uncover the role of the Gandhi family in the massacres. These twin testimonies cannot be ignored any longer”, he added.

Mr Valtoha said it was a good sign that a Congress leader- Dr Gurpreet Sandhu – had listened to his conscience and named the real culprits of this cruelest inhuman act in the history of our country. “Dr Sandhu has rightly demanded registration of a criminal case against former PM Rajiv Gandhi in this case. He has also pointed out that Rajiv Gandhi turned a blind eye to the massacre of innocent Sikhs.

Now new evidence is indicating that the former PM intentionally let the massacre happen as it was executed by Congressmen. This needs to be investigated in-depth”.

Mr Valtoha said Dr Sandhu had risen above the party to speak the truth. “Other Congressmen are only concern about petty political gains. Even CM Capt Amarinder has always preferred to safeguard the interests of Gandhi family over the Sikh community as he never utters a word against the Congress and its senior leadership. He never demands justice for 1984 Sikh victims. He only opens his mouth to give clean chits to the perpetrators of this horrible genocide” he added.

Mr Valtoha appealed to all leaders across party lines to come forward to ensure justice to the families of 1984 victims which had been delayed since last 33 years by the manipulative ways of the Congress party and Gandhi family.

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