Robert Vadra Appears Before ED

Court reserves order on Robert Vadra's plea to travel abroad
Court reserves order on Robert Vadra's plea to travel abroad

Businessman Robert Vadra visited the office of the Enforcement Directorate in Delhi on Thursday. He was asked to appear before ED for questioning, as part of investigation into alleged illegal property deals.

Prior to appearing before ED Mr Vadra in a facebook post said he has been questioned for 70 hours by government agencies so far. He is being investigated over allegations of money-laundering and illegal land deals.

He appeared in connection with a case involving the purchase of properties in London, Dubai, Rajasthan and the National Capital Region. This is the ninth time time he is being called for questioning in the illegal property case.

In his facebook post he said, “Till date, I have deposed 11 times with questioning of approximately 70 hours. In future also, I will cooperate as always, till my name is cleared of all false allegations and accusations.” He added, “I maintain my belief in the Indian judiciary is unshakeable I have and will adhere to all summons/norms of the government agencies”.

Investigators have stated that Robert Vadra, owns nine properties in London cumulatively worth around 12 million pounds. Three of these are villas, the rest, luxury flats. They have claimed that all these were purchased between 2005 and 2010, when the Congress-led UPA government was in power.

The Enforcement Directorate has told the Delhi High Court that it requires Robert Vadra’s custody as he was not cooperating in the investigation. He was called for questioning today because, according to sources in the probe agency, new evidences in the illegal property case have been found.