Shah Rukh Khan Answers the Most Googled Questions About Him

Shah Rukh Khan has been the heart beat of millions of fans worldwide. So much so that people google questions about him, that he, himself might have never thought. During a TV show, Shah Rukh Khan makes it simpler for a lot of his fans by answering about 10 questions.

Here are few questions that he answered and his answers will amuse you.

1) Does Shah Rukh Khan have a tattoo?

I don’t but I have it in my film Jab Harry Met Sejal – A big one right across my right shoulder and chest. But no, I don’t have one. I am scared of tattoos.

2) Does Shah Rukh Khan have a private jet?

Not as yet, but I am working on it. I am just waiting for that one 1000 crore film to come my way. As soon as I get it, the first thing I buy will be a private jet.

3) What is Shah Rukh Khan’s phone number?

It is 5559960321. Call anytime, mid night.. umm otherwise If I am not around leave a message and I will answer you back with an emoji.

4) What is Shah Rukh Khan’s real name?

This is it. My grandmom wanted to name me Abdul Rahman but my dad wanted Shah Rukh Khan. I have been called many names on the Internet but then..this is my name.

5) Is Shah Rukh Khan world’s richest actor?

The second last, I have heard but not the richest. I wish I was. I am quite a capitalist material kind of guy like that. I like good things in life but I don’t think I am the world’s richest actor.

6) Why is Shah Rukh Khan so famous?

Could be good looks , sexy, speaks so well, charming, i have got it all.

If i could sing and dance, i would retire from the Industry right now, he exclaimed to the last question.

-PTC News