Shah Rukh Khan turns a year older as he celebrates his 53rd birthday

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan turns a year older as he celebrated his 53rd birthday

He had an inkling that he would be big and famous soon. “Hoping you all hear a lot more about me and not only from me,” he said in a handwritten note submitted for consideration to a leading national magazine that wanted to talk about  10 bright and talented youngsters who would hog limelight in coming years. Thirty-one years later, he is now the pharaoh of films, the monarch of the multiplex, the sultan of the silver screen and ‘Badshaah’ of Bollywood.

Yes! You guessed it right; we are talking about Shah Rukh Khan. The Badshah of Bollywood has turned 53, today!

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Rabindra Narayan, MD, and President, PTC Network, cherishes good old days when Shah Rukh Khan was his junior in Hans Raj College, Delhi, back in 1987. Rabindra Narayan is in possession of a handwritten note that Shah Rukh Khan wrote and submitted to him for consideration for inclusion in a special edition of a national magazine.

“On his Birthday, I am reminded of a gentle, soft-spoken junior of mine in Hansraj College, Shah Rukh Khan. I was a journalist in 1987 and was doing an article for a national magazine about ten Delhi University students who were likely to succeed in life. Shahrukh was one of them who I thought would be successful in life. He came to meet me with a hand-written story of his life so far. Reproduced below is the life story of #ShahrukhKhan in his own words. Notice the wit and humour that has been his hallmark.”

According to media reports, Shah Rukh Khan is the only actor on whom more than 5000 articles were written on a single day around the world! The international press went into a frenzy. The world knows him from all the sources now.

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Shah Rukh Khan has always centered on his creativity in his life. He has assimilated the world through creative expression. And, in return the world experienced him. The world will always treasure his creativity, his acting as the most honest feeling possible. The portents of his fame, be his wealth, his glitz, his glamour arose from his recognition of creativity and deepest experience.