Smoke warning in IndiGo's Delhi-Kolkata flight; plane lands safely at Kolkata airport

By Shgun S -- August 21, 2022 7:29 pm -- Updated:August 21, 2022 7:29 pm

New Delhi, August 21: After smoke was detected in the cargo hold area of a Kolkata-bound IndiGo flight, pilots requested Kolkata ATC for priority landing on Sunday.

Kolkata Air traffic control (ATC) alerted the airport fire brigade for a safe landing for Delhi-Kolkata IndiGo flight 6E-2513 as the pilots followed all the prescribed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) before landing.

"The pilots followed their SOPs and prioritised the landing at Kolkata. Post-arrival necessary inspections were carried out. The warning was confirmed as spurious. Necessary rectifications on the detection system are in progress," IndiGo said.

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According to sources, IndiGo pilots declared 'May Day' on Sunday due to smoke in the cargo hold area of the Kolkata-bound plane.

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"The pilots of the plane declared 'May Day' after a smoke warning in the cargo hold area was later cancelled and landed safely at the airport and it was a fake warning," a DGCA official said.

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May Day is a distress signal used to signal a life-threatening emergency, typically on a ship or aircraft.IndiGo's Airbus (VT-IJA) flight from Delhi to Kolkata received a false cargo smoke alert before landing. All passengers are safe and no injuries have been reported.

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