Talking Politics with Dr Pramod Kumar – Assembly Elections, 2019, BJP vs Congress, Market vs People

What does politics mean to people? The significance of Congress replacing the BJP, or vice versa. The autonomy of political actors operationalising our democracy. The disconnect between polity and people. The noise about dilution of institutional autonomy. Secular versus communalism. The religion and nationality of poverty, as also of the market.

A conversation with Dr Pramod Kumar, Director, Institute for Development and Communication, Chandigarh and a leading public intellectual.

Discarding the stereotypical notion of television debate — Engaging the scholar on the substantive issues that politics poses.

The persistent inability to resolve agrarian crises and provide jobs. The questions of capitalism-with-Hindutva-characteristics model. Questioning the innocent faith in ushering in change by replacing a political party. The future of right wing politics.